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ی ی  iConnect .


Dear Valued Customer,

We bring you some great news this Ramadan! For all our loyal iConnect users in Iran and Iraq, we can now offer you a full range of iConnect services, thanks to our newly established partnership with a local telecom company in Iran and Iraq.

Local access numbers from Iran are:                    
ی ی

Tehran Access        88505825                    


Using an iConnect widget, call rates from Iran are as follows:

USA                        US$ .05                         
ی ی ی ۴۵
UK                          US$ .055                       ی ی ی ۵۰
Hong Kong             US$ .055                  
    ی ی ۵۰  

We have established a partnership with a local telecom company in Iraq for termination and call back services.  We will soon be providing you with a local access number as well.

964     Iraq                        0.1008         
    ی ی ۹۱
964     Iraq Baghdad         0.0500                
   ی ی ۴۵ 647   Iraq Cell                    0.1471     ی   ی ی ۱۳۳

We promise you more such incredible news in the coming days.

In Service,

Kuba Farbiarz
Director- QiC


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