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v-team ϐ RYTHM .

Free yourself                                                                             

From a trouble life   ی ϐی                                                             

Rise yourself  ( Ș)                                                                  

Time is on your side                                                                

Be yourself                                                                                       

I believe                                                                                          

that we are responsible   ی                                                      

To make this world a better place ی                                          

Every  little action contribute 捘ی ی                                        

To the pain of the world                                                                   

Or peace for humanityی ی                                                               

Free yourself                                                                             

From a trouble life    ی ϐی                                                             

Rise yourself          ( Ș)                                                                  

Time is on your side                                                             

The inner wish in the heartsی ی ی                                               

Of every man, woman, child Ϙی                                                   

RYTHM is the essence ( ی )                      RYTHM

Of a prayer͘ ی                                                                 

Never give up hopeی ی                                       

For this is not ی                                                                                     

Wishfull thinkingی ی ی ی                                                               

Your life ,your dreams,your nightsϐی, ی ی                                  

Its just a passing scene ی                                                       

Your heart,your love                                                                     

This dream ,is truly every thingی ی ی ی                                      

Listen to the rain drops ی                                                       

Listen to the birds songs ی ϐ                                                 

Listen to your heart ی   ....                                                      

Look into your life ϐی                                                                


: ǐ

: ʻ